Difference Between Bed Bug and Cockroach

There are so many insects in the world. Sometimes there is difficulty telling them apart from each other. The goal of this article is to help you tell the difference between 2 common insects you may see sometime in your life-bed bugs and cockroaches. No one really wants to experience crossing paths with either of these insects. Not because they are dangerous or deadly. Simply because, who wants to cross paths with bed bugs or cockroaches??!! Let’s take a look at the differences between these two-


  • Bed bugs are typically reddish brown in color.
  • Bed bugs are a flat, oval shaped insect.
  • Bed bugs are small, and their antennae are short as well.
  • Bed bugs look like they have wing-like structures on each side of their head.
  • Bed bugs cannot fly.

Bed bugs can be found on beds, couches, luggage, and headboards, just to name a few places. They can be transported back to your home from other places, including dorms, movie theaters, and hotels. Bed bugs are known for biting their human host. They will typically come out at night, and stay hidden during the day time hours. You may find small, itchy red marks on your skin where a bed bug might have bitten you.


  • Cockroaches are dark brown to mahogany red in color.
  • While cockroaches are oval and flat, similar to a bed bug, cockroaches are larger in size.
  • Cockroaches have large, visible eyes.
  • Wings on the cockroach are visible, as well as a tail like structure.
  • Cockroaches do not typically bite humans.

Cockroaches can be found in any area, in any climate. Extremely high heat, or even bitter cold temperatures can be home to cockroaches. There are also many different types of cockroaches. However, there are a very few types that are known as pests. Cockroaches, similarly to bed bugs, like to come out at night. They do not like light, and run and hide when exposed to light. When you have a cockroach infestation, they easily hide. They can be found in small spaces like crack or crevices. Ceilings, pipes, kitchens and bathrooms are also places that you may find cockroaches, if you have a pest problem.

No one wants to experience any type of pest infestation. Both bed bugs and cockroaches are two pests that you will want to get rid of quickly. Bed bugs lay eggs quickly, and you can have quite a problem on your hands in a short time if they are not taken care of. If you spot one cockroach, you likely have more than just that one.

Regardless of the type of pest that has made moved in and made your home their home, you need the assistance of a professional pest control company. Our company is locally owned, and have knowledgeable technicians available to help rid you home of any pest, not just bed bugs and cockroaches. Some people try do it yourself techniques to rid themselves of pests. But when dealing with many insects, especially bed bugs and cockroaches, you need the ability of a professional pest company. Call us today to help you claim your home back from these pesky pests.

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