Difference Between Cockroach Nymph and Bed Bug

There are numerous types of common household bugs that can really “bug” you.  Once these common household bugs decide to make YOUR home, their home, it is important you have proper identification of these bugs to know exactly what you are dealing with.  This article will help give you more information on two types of household bugs that are more common than you may realize-the bed bug and baby cockroaches.  Let us take a look at both of these insects a bit more closely-


  • Bed bugs are small, oval shaped insects.
  • Bed bugs are reddish brown in color.
  • All stages of bed bugs (even eggs) can be seen with the naked eye.
  • Adult female bed bugs can lay 200-500 bed bug eggs in their lifetime.
  • Bed bug eggs are more difficult to kill than baby bed bugs.
  • It only takes about a month of a bed bug to be fully grown.


  • Baby cockroaches are also called cockroach nymphs.
  • Cockroach nymphs are grayish brown in color.
  • Cockroach nymphs resemble adult cockroaches, but are much smaller.
  • Cockroach nymphs go through many molts before becoming an adult.
  • Their color deepens as they continue to molt.
  • Cockroach nymphs do not have wings.

Bed bugs actually bite you, and feed on your blood.  When bed bugs bite you, it irritates the skin and can leave red, itchy marks from where the bite was.  They will stay attached and feed on the host for typically 5-15 minutes.  Bed bugs are found most commonly on the bed, headboards, and couches.  Bed bugs typically feed only at night, and hide during the day.  While they are hiding, they digest their food and lay their eggs.  That is one reason it is important to have a professional pest control company help rid your home of these insects.  It is too difficult to be able to remove them completely yourself!

Baby cockroaches are also called nymphs.  These nymphs experience an incubation period of 20-60 days.  The environment conditions play a large part in how long the incubation period lasts for these cockroach nymphs.  Nymphs do look like a baby version of an adult cockroach, except for the lack of wings and the color of them. Nymphs do get wings at some point.  The nymphs will molt multiple times before becoming a fully adult cockroach.  This process, also, is affected by the environmental temperatures.  Nymphs, or adult cockroaches, do not typically bite humans.

In conclusion, there are many ways these insects can bug you.  It is important to be armed with knowledge so if you do ever realize you have a pest problem, you will have an idea of what you are dealing with.  It is very important to have a trusted, well known pest control company available to you.  Our company is locally owned, with highly trained professionals that can help you with any pest control problem.  They are very knowledgeable, and look forward to helping you become pest free!  Please call us today to help get you on the road to a pest free home!



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