Difference Between German Cockroach and Bed Bug


Did you know that there are various types of insects that can actually live close together with each other and share food and other resources?  Bed bugs and German cockroaches are two of these insects that can do just that.  Let us look at some differences between these bugs that can share space.

Bed bugs-

  • Bed bugs are reddish brown in color.
  • Bed bugs are small, apple seed shaped insects.
  • Bed bugs bite humans, mostly at night.
  • Bed bug bites leave red bumps, that can sometimes become itchy.
  • Bed bugs can commonly be found on bed, headboard, and couches.

German cockroaches-

  • German cockroaches are light brown or tan in color.
  • German cockroaches also have 2 black horizontal stripes going down their back.
  • German cockroaches have wings, yet they prefer running to flying.
  • German cockroaches do not typically bite humans.
  • German cockroaches typically feed on many things, including food, soap and toothpaste.

Additionally, you will not typically see bed bugs during the day.  They hide in the daytime, and come out at night.  Bedbugs just feed on humans.  They will not feed on other bugs, human food, or toiletry items, like German cockroaches.

German cockroaches will come out during the day, but mostly evening time.  Light does not bother them if they are hungry enough.  Kitchen and bathroom areas are a favorite place for German cockroaches to hang out.  But, wherever there is food available is where you may find them.  German cockroaches have even been known to eat the eggs of other insects.

Bed bugs can be transported from place to place easily.  You can find bed bugs in hotels, dorm rooms, even movie theaters sometimes.  If you visit a location that has a bed bug infestation, the bed bugs can stick to your clothes, bags and luggage.  You may then transport these bugs back to your home or office.

German cockroaches are typically brought into a residence.  They can be brought in on boxes, bags, or even cardboard containers.  Sometimes you can even find them in used appliances.  German cockroaches are very mobile, and can even use plumbing pipes to get around!

If you are experiencing a bed bug infestation, other than the red bumps from the bites, you may notice small dots on your sheets. These small droplets are from the bed bugs after they bite.  German cockroaches have droppings you may notice if you are experiencing an infestation from them.  These droppings look like small pieces of ground pepper.  You may find these droppings on the countertops, or even in the drawers.  Sometimes, you may see these dropping stains as dark spots in the corners of rooms, and in small cracks or openings in the wall.

Bed bugs are not known to give off an odor, but German cockroaches do secrete a particular order. You may smell a musty type of odor if you have a large number of German cockroaches in your home or business.   Bed bugs do not transmit diseases when they bite you, but German cockroaches have been known to cause allergic reaction to some.  These reactions are especially prevalent in those who have asthma, and especially young children.  German cockroaches can also spread disease, as they can pick up germs crawling through various decaying matter or sewage, then carry these germs onto food surfaces.

While there are obvious differences between bed bugs and German cockroaches, these two insects can be found in a home or business at the same time. It is imperative that you contact a trusted pest control company to assist you.  Our company is locally owned, and we have trained professionals that can help give you peace of mind!  Please call us today for any pest control needs for both your home and business!

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