How to tell Difference Between Bed Bug Bites and Hives

When random red marks appear on your body, it is imperative to know how you received them. It is important to know where, or what, they came from. There are multiple reasons you may have various red marks on parts of your body. This article will take a look at two particular items that can cause red marks on your body-bed bug bites and hives. The purpose of this article is to hopefully help you differentiate between the two. It is important to know what is causing them, so you know how to treat them.


  • Bed bug bites are typically smaller in size than hives.
  • They can be found in a linear pattern in group of 3, or sometimes the bite marks might be in the shape of a triangle.
  • The bed bug bites will usually be found around the face, neck, upper back or arm area.
  • The bed bug bite will be red, flat or slightly raised.
  • You will usually receive bed bug bites at night.
  • Bed bug bites can be itchy.


  • Hives are more pink in color than red.
  • Some hives will even be more white than pink.
  • Hives can come in various shapes and sizes. You may have multiple hives over your body. Sometimes, hives can cover your whole body.
  • Hives can start small and then erupt into larger patches over your body.
  • Hives, similar to bed bugs, will be itchy. But it is usually a very intense itchy.
  • Hives can appear anywhere on your body.
  • Hives shape can be similar to a mound shape, not flat like bed bugs.
  • Not everyone finds bed bug bites itchy. But most everyone experiences itchiness from hives. Bed bug bites can usually go away after a few weeks. You have to make sure and rid your home of them! But hives are a reaction to some type of allergy. When you have hives, they may have additional types of allergy symptoms such as nausea, breathing difficulties, or even the tightening of the chest.

If you have gone to bed and didn’t have any type of bites or red marks, but wake up with them, you likely have bed bugs. If you have been stung by an insect and develop white or pinkish looking bumps over various places on your body, you likely have hives. Whatever type of allergen has caused your body to react by breaking out in hives is something a medical Dr. will need to help you with.

Whether you are experiencing problems from bed bug bites, or from hives, both of these causes can make you uncomfortable. It is important to figure out the cause of these red marks on your body. Contacting a reputable, trusted pest control specialist is the first step in ridding your home of bed bugs. Receiving medical attention is an important step to help you get rid of hives. We are a locally owned pest control company that will gladly help give you peace of mind, and no more bed bugs! Please call us today. We have professionals that are available and able to help you quickly!

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